11/19/17: Added Allie's November 2017 gallery.

10/24/17: Contact button on Modeling page now leads to live booking app.

10/16/17: Added Melora's October 2017 gallery.

9/30/17: New models, Claire and Juniper.

9/24/17: Added Allie's September 2017 gallery.

8/31/17: Visual refresh to site theme.

7/23/17: Added many lost photos to Amy's October 2014 gallery.

7/22/17: Added some lost photos to Amy's May 2013 galleries.

7/9/17: Posted Velka's July 2017 set.

7/3/17: Posted Rapunzel's July 2017 set.

6/1/17: Posted Virginia's May 2017 set.

5/27/17: Posted Velka's May 2017 set.

5/20/17: Posted Lierre's May 2017 set.

5/15/17: Fixed a couple permission errors for images and videos on Amy, Mairead, and Rapunzel's galleries.

5/11/17: Changed web hosts - we're now using SSL for secure browsing!

4/30/17: New model, Collibrina.

4/23/17: All galleries updated to allow individual image viewing/enlarging. Reorganized gallery alphabetical splits. Numerous navigation and styling fixes.

4/22/17: Posted Allie Pixie's April 2017 set.

4/16/17: Posted Mairead's April 2017 set.

3/27/17: Started modifying the copyright date on pages to auto change with the year.

3/18/17: New model, Velka.

2/19/17: Fixed remainder of copyright dates. Sitewide layout, CSS, and navigation tweaks. More model pseudonym updates.

2/18/17: Standardized layout/navigation on multiple pages. Updated most copyright dates. Modified some model pseudonyms.

1/3/17: Reversed chronological order of galleries, so newer ones appear first. Fixed kludge on portfolio branching page, so links are now text instead of images appearing as text.

12/31/16: Reverted galleries to show four pictures at a time on desktop-sized screens; showing two at a time made them too big, and required scrolling on lower resolutions.

12/24/16: Posted Mairead's December 2016 set.

11/1/16: Posted Circe Graves's October 2016 set.

10/15/16: Posted Virginia's October 2016 set.

10/6/16: Posted Sofija's August 2010 set.

10/2/16: Posted Mairead's February 2015 video interview. Posted Rapunzel's March 2015 gallery and video interview. Updated more model entries with branching pages, to facilitate future galleries.

9/24/16: New model, Kit. Fixed galleries to only show two images at a time on desktop screens up to 4k.

9/21/16: Split Portfolio page into two, A-J and K-Z. Changed breadcrumb bars on all galleries to reflect the split.

9/17/16: Restored Amy's 2014 galleries. Disabled autoplay sitewide. Removed pagination dots that were crowding view on mobile devices. Enlarged gallery photos by limiting number displayed at one time to one or two, depending on screen size. Fixed changelog links on gallery pages. Limited search engine indexing. Made sample images on front page clickable, and labeled them.

9/16/16: New model, Circe Graves. Fixed breadcrumb link in Amy's May 2013b gallery.

8/28/16: Minor CSS tweaks. Starting to disable autoplay/autorewind on gallery slides.

8/27/16: Added changelog. Lazyload now works on all galleries, so mobile devices won't auto-load every photo in a gallery when the page loads.

8/26/16: Uploaded more historical galleries from 2012-2015.

8/26/16: Added more photos to Lierre's May 2016 gallery.

8/25/16: Added Minerva's gallery with Jess, and Jess's gallery with A.

8/13/16: Posted Mairead's July 2016 gallery.