We focus on the candid and spontaneous, and want to capture models having fun and enjoying themselves more than obsessing over their parts. As such, we generally let models do whatever they want in the spirit of the moment, with minimal direction and specifics.

If you're interested in modeling, here's some basics, although no two shoots are ever quite alike.


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Wear whatever you like! If you're comfortable, that will come across in the finished photos. We're more concerned that you feel safe and free than how much skin you're showing. Granted, this is a foot fetish site, so bare feet are basically the only requirement, but even that's not necessary for every shot.


Feel free to bring along an escort if that makes you feel more secure. All shoots are conducted in the daylight in public spaces such as parks and beaches. At no time is any physical contact involved in a shoot.

Who We Work With

We work with anyone who wants to be photographed. We do not impose any limitations or judgments based upon gender, race, orientation, age, or size.

Location and Scheduling

We're based out of Union Square in Somerville, and can travel within the metro Boston area, though preferably to MBTA-accessible areas. Typically, we shoot in Cambridge and Somerville, with the occasional trip as far out as Worcester on weekends.

Given that most shoots take place outdoors (we have no formal studio space), our photography year runs from April to early October. During that time, weekdays after 4pm (Monday-Thursday) and Saturday mornings and afternoons are usually free, though we tend to book up a month or so in advance.

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