About Feet by the Foot

Feet by the Foot began as SomervilleSoles back in 2009. As we grew, and began to include models from beyond the Boston suburbs, we shifted to a less geographically-oriented name.

Over the past few years, we've moved away from traditional fetish content, to incorporate fewer foot close-ups, and more full body and face photos that better capture the spirit of the individual models. We've also shifted away from strict schedules and quotas in favor of serendipity; we may post new sets sporadically, but when we do, they're the result of particularly good collaborations.

Our goal is to mildly titillate while also stimulating the mind, with less of a focus on the sexual aspects of fetish, and more on the artistic. We work with all kinds of models, both professional and amateur, with the belief that the personality of the model matters more than what or how much they show.


Click here for testimonials from folks I've worked with professionally.

About the Photographer

Piper was previously a cartoonist and illustrator for almost two decades, before taking up photography. They're non-binary, using they/them/theirs as pronouns. Piper is based out of Union Square in Somerville, and maintains a traditional photography presence as "Piper Takes Pictures" on ModelMayhem.